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Visit the Sensorium

Sunday, 15th April 2018 at 12pm

Location: to be decided

This event is in the past.

Visit the Sensorium

When                Sunday, 15 April from 12:00 to 16:00

Where               The Sensorium, Rüttihubelbad, or Museum Rietberg in Zurich

Contact            Graham Tritt / Mahroo Movahedi

Deadline          Please tell us of your interest before 10 April

About the NASCA lines in Peru: see and


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Graham wrote
at 12:08am on Sunday, 15th April 2018
Bill and Jill and Zarema all changed from yes to no. Probably we cancel. Maybe a future date.
Jillian wrote
at 9:55am on Saturday, 14th April 2018
I might meet you at Rüttihubelbad, walking from Worb.
Graham wrote
at 12:36am on Saturday, 14th April 2018
we go to the Sensorium, leaving Berne around noon, with my car. I hvae one place still available. Phone me. Graham
Graham wrote
at 12:49pm on Sunday, 1st April 2018
In the southern Peruvian desert, one of the world’s greatest archaeological mysteries is waiting to be solved: the so-called Nasca Lines of the Nasca culture (ca. 200 BC–650 AD), a series of enormous drawings in the sand.

The probably most comprehensive exhibition on the fascinating as well as mysterious Nasca culture ever to be seen in Europe is at the Museum Rietberg Zurich. 'NASCA. PERU – Searching for Traces in the Desert' whisks visitors away to the southern part of the Andes where the Nasca culture (ca. ca. 200 BC – AD 650) once flourished. On the desert ground of this region in Peru the Nasca left behind one of the greatest puzzles ever encountered by archaeologists: large geoglyphs, better known as the Nasca Lines.

Who were the Nasca? How did they live? Where did the Nasca culture come from, where did it go?
The approximately two hundred exhibits have an exciting story to tell about everyday life in the fertile valleys between the high ranges of the Andes in the east and the desert off the Pacific coast. It is here, in one of the most arid places on earth, that the Nasca created their famous geoglyphs. Equally fascinating is the immensely colourful pictorial language they used to decorate their ceramics and textiles.
All the exhibits are from Peruvian collections and museums, some of them from recent archaeological excavations.

Nasca 2.0
Visitors can 'fly over' the landscape using special 3D glasses, thus getting the same view of the geoglyphs as an ancient Nasca priest with the aid of his inner eye.
Graham wrote
at 12:48pm on Sunday, 1st April 2018
Im „Erfahrungsfeld der Sinne“ begegnen Sie in vielfältiger Weise sich selbst. 70 Stationen laden zum Ausprobieren und Beobachten ein. Klänge, Farben, Schwingungen, Düfte, Licht und Dunkelheit erregen Staunen und lassen Naturgesetze erforschen.

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