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  • Saturday, 9th February 2019 (all day)
  • Saturday, 4th January 2020 (all day)
  • Saturday, 8th February 2020 (all day)
  • Monday, 9th March 2020 (all day)

Location: Germany

I'm planning on trips to Germany in each month. Who is interested?

Attractions: spa/wellness, shopping, walks, festivals

(1) to Basel then Freiburg im Breisgau then Titisee and Feldberg back - one day trip
(2) to Bad Säckingen then into the hills to St Blasien and Schluchsee and back through Waldshut - one day or two days.
(3) to Waldshut then to walk in the Wutach gorge and gave a great meal somewhere with a panorama view - one day or two days
(4) to Waldshut or Schaffhausen then north to Donaueschingen (the source of the Danube river) and to Bad Dürrheim (spa) - one or two days
(5) to Konstanz and Mainau and Meersburg and lake Constance - one or two days
(6) to Schaffhausen and north to Balingen and Tüttlingen the Schwabisch Alb nature park area - two days
(7) to Baden Baden and the middle or north Black Forest areas - two or more days

Check out tourist brochures, flyers, internet pages, and travel books, for instance in the bookshop in 1UG under Loeb. Then tell me what you are interested in doing.

Contact me for more information, and see the comments below. 



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Graham wrote
at 11:29am on Saturday, 11th January 2020
Trip in 2017to Bad Säckingen and the southern Black Forest

Leaving early Friday evening allows us time to settle into accomodation in Bad Säckingen, to see the town or take a walk along the Rhine or around a lake, or to go to the Aqualon spa for a swim and sauna. (Included in the open swimming price is a clothed sauna.)

Others can leave early on Saturday morning and meet up between 9 and 10 am. Same on Sunday for a day trip. For instance Berne 08:04 with two changes to Bad Säckingen at 10:00.

The return by train is possible every half hour from 15:37 to 21:37, taking around 110 minutes. So we are not limited by any deadline in Bad Säckingen.

Activities in Säckingen see

Activities in the southern Black Forest see and

Alternative accomodation in Waldshut, Griessen, Bad Dürrheim, and near Lake Constance, for future trips.

Please comment directly to me or on this forum. Graham
Graham wrote
at 8:10pm on Thursday, 7th February 2019
Fasnacht in the Black Forest area.

There are events everty weekend from February to 13 March.


Die größten Veranstaltungen am Fasnachts-Wochenende

Schmotziger Dunschtig (28.02.2019) (Donnerstag vor Fasnacht, Weiberfasnacht)
Narrenbaumsetzen, Schlüsselübergabe und viele andere Veranstaltungen zum Start der "heißen Phase" in vielen Orten
19.00 Uhr: Fackelumzug der Triberger Teufel in Triberg
19.00 Uhr: Hemdglunkerumzug in Furtwangen
Freitag, 01.03.2019
18.45 Uhr Nachtumzug der Hexenzünfte in Donaueschingen, anschließend Hexenfeuer mit Feuerwerk
Samstag, 02.03.2019
19.30 Uhr Fackelumzug in Hornberg
Fasnachtssonntag (03.03.2019)
14.00 Uhr: Große Umzüge in Gengenbach, Haslach, Hausach, Hornberg, Triberg, Waldkirch, Furtwangen
14.30 Uhr: Hanselsprung mit Brezelsegen in Schramberg
15.00: Schuttigumzug in Elzach, 20.00 Uhr Fackelumzug

Bach na Fahrt in Schramberg
Bild: Die "Bach na Fahrt" in Schramberg, mit phantasievollen Gefährten geht's den eiskalten "Bach runter"

Fasnachtsmontag, Rosenmontag (04.03.2019)
5.30 Uhr: Wohlauf, historisches Narren-Wecken in Wolfach, 14.00 Uhr Umzug
8.00 Uhr: Historischer Narrensprung in Rottweil
9.00 Uhr: Historischer Umzug der Narrozunft in Villingen, 14.15 Uhr Maschgerelauf
13.00 Uhr: Bach-na-Fahrt in Schramberg, 14.30 Uhr Umzug durch die Innenstadt
14.00 Uhr: Großer Fasnet-Umzug in Bräunlingen mit Schauspielfasnet
14.00 Uhr: Narrensprung in Löffingen, 19.30 Uhr Walpurgisnacht der Löffinger Hexen
14.00 Uhr: großer Umzug in Freiburg
19.30 Uhr: Regionachtumzug in Wyhlen
Fasnachtsdienstag (05.03.2019)
8.00 Uhr und 14.00 Uhr: Narrensprung in Rottweil
8.30 Uhr und 14.30 Uhr: Narrensprung in Oberndorf
13.30 Uhr: großer Umzug der Zuggesellschaft in Villingen
14.00 Uhr: Hanselsprung in Hüfingen
15.00 Uhr: Schuttigumzug in Elzach
17.00 Uhr: historischer Nasenzug in Wolfach
Abends Fasnetsverbrennung in vielen Orten
Samstag nach Fasnacht (09.03.2019)
Traditionelles Scheibenschlagen u.a. in Buggingen, Grafenhausen, Todtnau und Ühlingen-Birkendorf
Sonntag nach Fasnacht (10.03.2019)
13.30 Uhr: Buurefasnet (Bauernfasnacht) mit großen Narrensprüngen in Sulzburg und in Weil am Rhein
Montag nach Fasnacht (11.03.2019)
4.00 Uhr: Basler Fasnacht mit dem Morgestraich


Please to RSVP.

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By Graham 3 days ago

Friday 17 Basel Museum Night

Saturday 18  all day - Tour to la Chaux de Fonds

Saturday 18 from 18:00 Singing Spiritual Songs with Stefan

Saturday 18 from 19:00 Wine  - Wine Tasting - The Southern Hemisphere

Monday 20 at 6:30pm - Burns Night at the Pickwick  - Sorry the pub is full, and also on 27 January. Next year I must remember to try to book 2 months in advance. Reserve by 16 January for the Burns Supper of the Swiss British Society (CHF 50) which is on Saturday 1 February.

Instead, on Monday 20, attend the Light Festival of Murten. Meet at 6 pm at the Berntor gate of the town (30 minutes by train from Berne) and at 6:30 pm for an Apero on a boat in the lake. For details see

Tuesday 21 at 7:30pm - Art Museum Tour contact Gary

Thursday 23 at 10:00 am at the Theater am Käfigturm, a performance of the French play M.Ibraham et les Fleurs du Coran. Then at 3:00 pm and 7:00pm - Theatre: "Free Mandela"

Wednesday 29 at 18:00 pm,  Sophie Book Group discusses the book "Becoming" by Michelle Obama. Open to all members;  contact Graham of you are interested.

See page 6 and 7 of the Newsletter about joining the different activities which we organise throughWhatsApp.


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