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Visit to Avenches and Markets

Saturday, 20th July 2019 at 10:30am

Location: Meet at Berne railway station platform

This event is in the past.

When        Saturday, 20 from 10:30

Where     Meet on platform 1 in Berne at 10:20 to take the 10:34 train to Kerzers, then change train to go to Avenches.

Contact     Christine Betrémieux (

Deadline    Please register by Friday, 19 July, 19:00 (or later if you do't wish to have linch at the restaurant)

We make a city walk to see the Roman ruins, and then visit the art and craft market and the flea markets.

See in English.

Entry to the museum and ruins is free. A table at a local, friendly restaurant has been booked for 12:00, (Union restaurant). Please announce if you want to join.

The second-hand market takes place on Saturday and Sunday, 20 and 21 July. On the Saturday, there is a special arts-and-craft market at the castle.



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Graham wrote
at 9:44pm on Saturday, 20th July 2019
Tasting of wines, cheeses, and jellies at the craft market. Astunded at the art market. Overwhelmed at the flea market. A good lunch. Sightseeing at the Roman amphitheater and museum.

Why do not more members attend such events? We were five, with two prospective members from the Meetup group.
Graham wrote
at 12:28am on Thursday, 18th July 2019

This easy, accessible hike lets everyone discover the grandeur of Roman Helvetica’s ancient city of Aventicum, through its vestiges. Start your hike at the center of the charming medieval village of Avenches, bordered by flower-decked terraces in the summer and listed among the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. Visit the vestiges of the imposing monuments that were a major part of the ancient city’s influence and outreach from the north to the south of the Alps.

The walk begins in the heart of the medieval village of Avenches, a jewel of medieval architecture, which leads hikers to the grand Amphitheater. At the time of the Romans, it could accommodate up to 16,000 spectators who came to watch the gladiator fights, exotic animal hunts and enjoy various forms of entertainment. Today, this arena is the scene for music festivals throughout the summer season.

On the outskirts of the modern town, the majestic vestiges of ancient monuments can still be seen and are the last witnesses of Aventicum’s flourishing period; historically cited today, although covered by nature’s lush greenery. The “Cigognier” Sanctuary, the Roman Theater and the Thermal Baths reveal a glimpse of the ancient Helvetii capital’s glorious past.

A bird’s eye view awaits you from the “Porte de l’Est” and the Tornallaz Tower, on the edge of the ancient city surrounded by a still partially visible wall. The exceptional 360° panoramic view, over the Roman Site, the medieval town of Avenches, Lake Murten and the Vully vineyards, reveals the Roman Helvetia capital’s incomparable beauty and its lush greenery.

At the end of the walk, a visit to the Roman Museum is essential. It gives an overview of the many objects of worship and everyday life in Aventicum. The ancient city’s secrets are revealed in 3D images. Objects belonging to the Museum’s collection have been found in-situ during archaeological excavations and certain historical items are of inestimable value due to their rarity; such as the famous golden bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
Graham wrote
at 12:23am on Thursday, 18th July 2019

Located along the rue Centrale and on the Place de l'Eglise, the flea market of Avenches is an opportunity to hunt beautiful objects with a unique character.

Saturday from 9.00 to 18.00
Sunday from 9.00 to 17.00
Graham wrote
at 12:15am on Thursday, 18th July 2019
This is also posted as an event on Meetup-Berne

Graham wrote
at 12:11am on Thursday, 18th July 2019

The Avenches Roman Museum is housed in a mediaeval tower overlooking the famous amphitheatre.
Eintrittspreise Erwachsene gratis (CHF 6.— während Sonderausstellungen) Kinder gratis.

The Roman Museum is dedicated entirely to Aventicum, the capital of Roman Helvetia. Surrounded by a 5.5 km wall with 4 gates and 73 towers leading up to the ramparts, Aventicum had a population of 20,000, a number that has never again been reached in the history of Avenches.

Opened in 1938, this museum is located in the 12th century fortified tower built on the Roman amphitheatre. It includes a display of mosaics and friezes and explores the history and romanisation of Aventicum and the private life of the Helvetii. The key piece of the collection is a gold bust of the Emperor Marc-Aurèle, found in 1939 in a pipe of the Cigognier sanctuary.

The remains of the theatre and amphitheatre, a temple, a sanctuary, the thermal baths of the forum or the east gate of Aventicum are permanently visible and accessible.
Graham wrote
at 12:07am on Thursday, 18th July 2019

The Avenches amphitheatre dates from the early 2nd century A.D., its stairs, walls and axial entrances being made of stone and the seating tiers wood. Ceased to be used in the 4th century, the amphitheatre served as a stone quarry. In the 11th century, the bishop of Lausanne had a fortified tower built on its eastern entrance: the current Roman Museum. The baths of the forum, the theatre and the Tornallaz –the only remaining tower of the roman enclosure of 73 towers – are visible, but most of Aventicum is now buried.

In this exceptional setting, summer nights come alive to the tune of a series of musical events. In July, audiences enjoy the high quality performance of the Avenches Opéra. In August, Rock Oz’Arènes, the smallest of the big festivals, has an enthusiastic following thanks to its eclectic programme and the participation of international stars. In September, Avenches Tattoo, an international military music festival, explodes in a harmony of sounds and colours.
Graham wrote
at 12:06am on Thursday, 18th July 2019

The habits and customs of Aventicum’s inhabitants 2000 years ago included entertaining themselves at the arena by attending gladiator fights, taking time for their well-being, as well as basking and relaxing at the thermal baths. This Roman city was the capital of the Helvetii people, numbering 20,000 souls at the time; a settlement that rose to be a colony and was placed under the Emperor’s protection. Its influence and outreach extended far and wide, from the north to the south of the Alps. Evidence from this sumptuous and flourishing era are still visible today when visiting the Roman Site’s vestiges of its imposing monuments and the Roman Museum’s impressive collection of ancient objects.

Aventicum was a thriving city since it was founded and developed enormously during three centuries. At its peak, the city was home to nearly 20,000 inhabitants.

Many monuments and majestic vestiges remain from this prolific period and they are easily accessible to visitors during a one and a half hour hike or bike ride, as well as during a guided tour for a personalized sightseeing discovery.

Aventicum’s most precious treasures are preserved in the Roman Museum. The golden bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, discovered in 1939, in one of the ancient water pipes from under the largest temple in the ancient city, or the mysterious dodecahedron, of which scientists are still mystified as to their precise use, are just two of the rare objects to be see inside the Museum’s medieval tower overlooking the arena.
Graham wrote
at 11:53pm on Wednesday, 17th July 2019
We take the S52 train from platform 13 at 10:34 to Kerzers arriving at 11:00. We then change to the S9 train to Avenches leaving from platform 4 at 11:04, arriving at 11:27.

Those who drive should meet at 12:00. when we take lunch in a restaurant.

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