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The International Club of Berne is a non-political, non-profit organization, open to all men, women and their families, meeting for social, charitable and cultural activities. Its principal aim is to facilitate a better understanding of, and integration into Switzerland through a variety of services and activities. Its common language is English.


The principal location of the Club is the Canton of Bern, Switzerland.


Membership is granted on single or family basis upon sending in a completed application for membership, being approved by the Executive Committee and paying the annual membership fee. Fees are for the full calendar year. A fee paid in November or December applies to the following calendar year. Family membership means all persons living in the same household. The Executive Committee reserves the right to disallow membership.


1 Each member is required to pay an annual fee.
2 Each member may bring a matter before the Executive Committee and/or General Assembly.
3 Extraordinary expenditures made on behalf of the Club must first be approved by the Executive Committee and then by the members.
4 Members have full voting privileges on a one-vote-per-membership basis, regardless of whether the membership is a single or family membership.
5 Except during language group activities, members should be willing to speak in English to discuss everyday topics and should use English during meetings so that others can participate in discussions.
6 Each member is encouraged to volunteer to lead at least one activity per year.

The Executive Committee consists of the following officess:
• President
• Vice-President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Activities Coordinator
• Membership Chairperson

Executive Committee members may have multiple responsibilities, and positions need not all be filled at a given time. The Executive Committee may add additional officers on an ad hoc basis for tasks such as Public Relations, Marketing, Newsletter, Online Media (webmaster), and New Members Coordinator. Officers are expected to attend Executive Committee meetings except under exceptional circumstances. Any member may attend Executive Committee meetings.


1 Calls and presides over all Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings.
2 Fills Executive Committee vacancies.
3 Co-signs the Club's accounts with the Treasurer.
4 Appoints an auditor to audit the books at the end of the year.
5 Serves on a Budget Committee with the Vice-President and Treasurer.

1 Assists the President and assumes duties in the President’s absence.
2 Serves on a Budget Committee with the President and the Treasurer.
3 Performs other tasks as required by the Executive Committee.

1 Takes responsibility for the Club's correspondence.
2 Records the minutes of the Executive Committee and other General Assembly meetings.
3 Distributes copies of the minutes and agenda to Executive Committee members.
4 Maintains the Club's records.
5 Performs other tasks as required by the Executive Committee.

1 Keeps accurate and up-to-date records of the Club's finances.
2 Pays the approved bills.
3 Presents a complete and accurate report at the end of the fiscal year to be presented to the members, for approval, at the General Assembly meeting.
4 Co-signs the Club's accounts with the President.
5 Serves on a Budget Committee with the President and Vice-President.
6 Works closely with the Membership Manager concerning payments.
7 Performs other tasks as required by the Executive Committee.

1 Makes arrangements for activities.
2 Coordinates group activities and activity leaders
3 Performs other tasks as required by the Executive Committee.

1 Maintains the membership database.
2 Presents new members with appropriate information about the Club and about Berne.
3 Works closely with the Treasurer and Editor concerning membership.
4 Performs other tasks as required by the Executive Committee.

1 Compiles and edits the club newsletter and arranges for its distribution.
2 Distributes a proof of the newsletter to the committee and others for any modifications and approval before distribution.
3 Works closely with the Membership Chairperson.

1 Organizes events and reports to the Activities Chairperson their status. Must have approval of the Executive Committee before any decisions are taken.
2 Attends Executive Committee meetings if requested.
3 Selects his/her own working group when needed.
4 Is responsible for Activity/Group funds and presents reports to the treasurer regarding cash received and paid (receipts, bills, etc.).

1 Meetings and club functions are held in English (excepting language cafes).
2 Each member may invite guests or prospective members to open functions.
3 House guests may attend functions at any time.

1 Fees should be paid by 15 February of the year. Failure to pay by 28 February automatically cancels membership.
2 The annual fee may be changed, if considered necessary, by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and the Activity/Group leaders. The results of this decision will be submitted, in writing, to the members three months in advance.
3 The fiscal year begins on 1 January and ends on 31 December.

QUORUMS: Nominations, motions and amendments are passed by a simple majority votes of members present plus proxies signed and delivered to the meeting. A proxy can be a signed postal or email note of power of attorney.

NOMINATIONS AND ELECTION: The Biennial General Assembly meeting (BGM) must be held in the first quarter of odd years, with three months’ notice. Elections will be held at this meeting.


• Each member will receive a form to volunteer for Executive Committee positions or to nominate candidates.
• Nominations should be received more than a month before the meeting, and the willingness of these members to run for office must be confirmed.
• The resulting candidate list is printed in the newsletter before the BGM.
• At the meeting, nominations can be accepted if proposed, seconded, and confirmed with the candidate.
• Elected members should not hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.


The President shall appoint two tellers at the BGM to distribute and collect the ballots. The election of officers shall be by ballot with a simple majority of members present plus proxy votes. Members may vote for single positions or for a slate of multiple positions.

Activity leaders are volunteers and not voted for. Every member is encouraged to lead at least one activity each year.


For important matters as decided by the Executive Committee, absentee votes will be accepted for proposals which have been printed and distributed at least one month before the voting. These proxies must be given to the Committee before the voting.


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events and chats

By Graham on 1st July

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Mail or message Graham or Vernon or the contact person for any event, or check the event page if you are not on WhatsApp. You can use Zoom on smartphone or in a browser or with an app on PC or Mac.


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